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Sustainable PNNL - Balancing social, environmental, and economic needs for a more sustainable future

Message from the Director

Mike Kluse

Considered a founder of sustainability, George Washington Carver pioneered crop rotation for soil enrichment and found dual uses for natural resources, such as making paint from soybeans. These ideas are hailed as early evidence of synergies that can be realized from balancing environmental, social, and economic needs. Committed to this legacy of sustainability, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) strives to make an impact through our science and technology by balancing the environment, people, and prosperity.

PNNL's efforts demonstrate that we take environmental stewardship seriously with ecologically safe, environmentally sound, and innovative science and solutions that lead the way for operations in other organizations. In 2011, we excelled in reducing building-water intensity, using renewable energy, diverting waste, and improving fleet fuel use. Our two greatest sustainability challenges are energy use in our buildings and water use for landscape irrigation. As you'll read in the following pages and on our website, we remain committed to our aggressive goals in this area.

PNNL is deeply committed to social responsibility through enabling and inspiring the achievement of excellence, and it shows. The Laboratory and its employees exercise sustainability practices both at the Lab and within our community. We strive to be good citizens and the employer of choice by investing in professional development, creating a sense of community, and providing staff with opportunities to make a difference. We endeavor to be trusted and valued in our community and the nation, as we are obliged to be leaders in both sustainability and science.

Through these difficult financial times, PNNL has found ways to maintain financial viability and achieve economic prosperity through research and operational excellence, while continuing to create value for our community and the nation. We've maintained our high economic contribution to the nation by delivering technology that is making a real difference in people's lives.

We are a scientific institution that has set and achieved aggressive sustainability goals, as you'll see in our Performance Scorecard. And we will not rest with the milestones in sustainability that you are about to read in this, our third annual Sustainability Report. This report showcases the progress we're making in many areas — including the areas where we seek to continuously improve. We are determined to continue delivering innovative scientific solutions for a sustainable future.

Michael Kluse

Michael Kluse
Laboratory Director

PNNL Sustainability