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Stakeholder Engagement



Primary Feedback Mechanisms

We hold an annual business review meeting with our Business to Business (B2B) suppliers of commercial off-the-shelf products that involves reviewing sales figures, process improvements, sustainable acquisitions requirements, and focus areas for the next year.

Suppliers can contact the with any concerns related to procurement, or they can send comments via a feedback form for response from a representative.

The proactive outreach program encourages small businesses to work with PNNL.

Key Topics and Concerns

No significant issues related to PNNL's performance were raised by suppliers in the 2016 business review meetings, other than that office product suppliers continue to desire to help PNNL streamline its print management services. Most feedback continued to reflect the desire to increase sales access to PNNL and improve ongoing processes within the B2B catalogs/websites, including improved pricing.

PNNL Response

  • Provided suppliers with equal access to opportunities by hosting B2B supplier shows for PNNL staff per year and directed all inquiries on bid opportunities to the PNNL solicitation website.
  • Networked with suppliers:
    • Attended several outreach events:
      • 2016 Alliance Northwest Small Business Conference, Puyallup, WA, 3/10/2016; the PNNL Small Business Program Manager was a break-out speaker at this event.
      • 2016 Idaho Small Business Symposium, Fort Hall, ID, 3/24/2016
      • Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council Connect: Sustainability Buyer-Supplier Matchmaking Event, Washington, DC, 5/24/2016
      • The 15th Annual DOE Small Business Forum & Expo, Atlanta, GA, 6/7-9/2016
    • Met with 10 small businesses over the course of the year.
    • The PNNL Small Business Program Manager participated extensively in acquisition pre-planning and took great strides to ensure maximum participation by small businesses on all of PNNL's competitive Request for Proposals/Invitations for Bids (RFPs/IFBs) by:
      • Reviewing all purchase requisitions greater than $150,000 when they were assigned to a Contracts Specialist and routinely suggesting additional small businesses be added to those lists
      • Reviewing ‘Bidder's Lists' on all competitive, domestic RFPs/IFBs greater than $150,000 prior to issuance and routinely suggesting additional small businesses be added to those lists
      • Submitting/updating more than 20 entries to the DOE Acquisition Forecast website in FY16
      • Frequently alerting potential small businesses to postings on the PNNL solicitation website
    • The PNNL Small Business Program Manager worked with numerous small businesses who registered in PNNL's Acquisition Supplier Portal to refine their entries in order to increase their likelihood of being added to solicitation lists.

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