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Sustainable PNNL - Balancing social, environmental, and economic needs for a more sustainable future

Stakeholder Engagement

PNNL's primary stakeholders are those who are most directly affected by, or those who most directly affect, our operations and performance. For purposes of stakeholder engagement, we identified the following primary stakeholder groups: 1) our employees, 2) our customers, with a focus on DOE (with which we have a contractual relationship to operate the Lab), 3) our suppliers, and 4) our community.

We engage our stakeholders throughout the year, through both formal and informal feedback mechanisms. The formal feedback mechanisms used for each stakeholder group during the recent reporting period are summarized in the sections below. We take feedback from stakeholders seriously and empower employees with influence over or direct responsibility for different stakeholders to respond to issues raised. Employees are trained and expected to follow established codes of conduct by escalating to management any issues that could compromise the Laboratory’s commitment to "operational excellence," such as ethical, health, safety, security, and environmental concerns

Specific factors we consider when identifying our key stakeholders include:

  • Our statutory/contractual responsibilities (DOE customer, employees)
  • Their influence on our performance (customers, employees, suppliers)
  • Our impact or potential impact on their decisions (customers, employees, suppliers, community)
  • Their dependence on our viability (customers, employees, suppliers, community)
  • Their relevance to our strategic intent (customers, employees)
  • The potential for creating shared value (customers, employees, suppliers, community)
  • The proximity to our operations (employees, community).

PNNL Sustainability