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Sustainable PNNL - Balancing social, environmental, and economic needs for a more sustainable future

Stakeholder Engagement



Primary Feedback Mechanisms

PNNL, operated by Battelle for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), is one of 10 DOE national laboratories. DOE reviews Battelle's management of PNNL every trimester against the Performance Evaluation and Measurement Plan (PEMP) with PNNL senior management.

PNNL and the Pacific Northwest Site Office (PNSO) counterparts hold routine meetings to discuss performance and emerging issues. Performance data are shared with the PNSO and contain performance information from both research and operations. DOE provides an annual written assessment of PNNL's performance against the PEMP goals.

Key Topics and Concerns

In 2017, Battelle had a stellar year as manager of the DOE national laboratory. For the second year in a row, PNNL was recognized as the best performing DOE Office of Science laboratory among the 10 in the nation. PNNL was commended for the quality of our science and technology, the depth of our thought leadership and programmatic impact, and the efficiency and effectiveness of our management and operations.

The evaluation also identifies areas where improvement is needed. FY18 PEMP notable outcomes were established to address focus areas for improvement.

PNNL Sustainability