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Sustainable PNNL - Balancing social, environmental, and economic needs for a more sustainable future

Sustainability at PNNL

We believe that our triple-bottom-line approach to managing Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's sustainability performance—including the environmental, social, and economic pillars—makes us better stewards by helping us think holistically about the impact of our work, while focusing on what is most important to our stakeholders. In this way, we foster the long-term success of the organization.

PNNL Recognized for Sustainability

The 2013 U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Sustainability Awards recognize teams and individuals for their outstanding sustainability contributions, including accomplishments in managing pollution, waste, energy, water, and vehicle fleets. PNNL received awards in two categories:

  • DOE Sustainable Campus: This award recognizes sustainability features at PNNL in the areas of green building planning and building management systems; water conservation; promotion of walking, biking, and ridesharing; public transportation; teleworking; and recycling/composting.
  • Innovative and Holistic Approach: This award recognizes PNNL's efforts in holistic sustainability programs; climate change adaptation planning; regional and local engagement; data management systems; and sustainability savings reinvestment programs.

Interdisciplinary teams coordinate to make sustainability integral to both our research and our operations. We "walk the talk" by applying our own scientific discoveries and innovations, as well as sustainability best practices, to our own research and operations. We challenge ourselves to set priorities and continually improve performance for the benefit of our employees, our organization, and our community.

We believe in transparency around our annual performance; therefore, we produce an annual sustainability report to celebrate where we are doing well, while focusing on opportunities for improvement. We use the reporting guidelines established by the Global Reporting Initiative, or GRI — the world's leading sustainability reporting standard. This challenges us to accomplish more and drives priority-setting. It also makes PNNL a great place to work.

PNNL Sustainability




Sustainability Reports

PNNL Sustainability Report for 2013

FY 2014 Plan

FY 2014 PNNL Site Sustainability Plan

Sustainability Highlights

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